Chapter 50 is confessed

However, there are few moves Chu Peihan is in a disadvantage, almost ten strokes, it was defeated in the hands of Gu Ning.

Although defeated, Chu Peihan did not disappoint, but was even more excited.

Because if Gu Ning didn't win her so easily, then she would admit that she was the boss, and she did not read the wrong person.

At the same time, Chu Peihan came up with an idea in his mind, and then he said: "Gu Ning, I really want to know who you and your brother are, or have a chance to talk to my brother."

"Okay!" Gu Ning readily agreed, because she also wanted to find a strength to discuss and discuss.

Chu Peihan said so, then her brother is certainly not simple.

With the consent of Gu Ning, Chu Peihan is looking forward to it, but her brother is not in F City now, and it may take a week to come back.

In the next training, Chu Peihan was surprised to find that Gu Ning was so professional, not worse than her brother.

At the same time, she is more curious about Gu Ning. Is she really, was she born in a poor single-parent family?

Although she was curious, she did not investigate her intentions, which would seem too disrespectful to her.

No matter what secret Gu Ning has, as long as she decides that she is a good person.

When I was studying at night, Gu Ning just returned to the classroom and was blocked by a boy.

The height of one meter or eight is generally tall, and some are handsome, but they are serious.

However, Gu Ning can see that his seriousness is only pretending to be nervous, and not malicious to her.

However, what makes Gu Ning feel inexplicable is that he is doing this!

Four classmates relying on the corridor window also looked at them, thinking that someone came to find Gu Ning trouble, so Shao Feifei and others saw the situation, and his eyes suddenly showed joy.

But I don't want to, when the other party opens, let them stunned.

"Gu Ning, I appreciate you very much, can you give me a chance to pursue you?" said the male student.

Wen Yan, Gu Ning a glimpse, apparently did not think that the other party actually confessed to himself.

Even the people who were originally or worried, or watching the crowd, were surprised and wide-eyed.

what? Confession? Not looking for you?

"Sorry, no." Gu Ning decisively refused.

Not to mention that she does not have a love mind at all, even if there is, the other party is not her dish.

Moreover, her psychological age is already a mature woman of 25 years old, and she is not interested in these 17-year-old small meats.

“Why?” the other asked subconsciously.

"No reason" Gu Ningdao.

"······" The boy could not refute, and paused: "So, can we be friends?"

"If we have a chance, we will become friends, but now, we are just strangers. It is too early and too sloppy to say that friends." Gu Ning did not refuse the possibility of becoming a friend, but it would not be so easy to recognize. other side.

Although Gu Ning did not agree, but did not refuse, that is to say, he has hope, so this makes the boys still happy: "Gu Ning, hello, I am the high three or six classes of An Yi. That, I am too hasty Sorry, but I will try my best to get your approval."

An Yi said seriously.

Not waiting for what Gu Ning said, the bell of the evening self-study sounded, and An Yi had to say goodbye to Gu Ning, and ran away.

Gu Ning and Yu Mixi also rushed into the classroom.

As soon as he entered the classroom, he was followed by Shao Feifei's eyes.

Although Gu Ning and Hao Ran were scared today, they were jealous and did not hinder her resentment and embarrassment.

She couldn’t figure out how to do it. Gu Ning is just beautiful. It’s not a beautiful beauty. It’s not good at home. No, it’s bad, and the results are bad. It’s so good. Why are you surrounded? She turned.

In particular, Mu Ke, who she likes, is so self-proclaimed and considers Ning as the boss.

It’s just discouraging her.

No, she has to find a way to teach and teach Gu Ning.

The last few gangsters were not Gu Ning's opponents, and she naturally couldn't repeat the same mistakes.

For Shao Feifei's gaze, Gu Ning has become accustomed to it, so he will not care.

After studying in the evening, Gu Ning went to the hospital.

Gu Ning insisted on running and spent half an hour.

At this time, there was no one in the hospital's compound, so it seemed to be deserted, and there was still a gloomy atmosphere.

Back to the ward, Gu Man told Gu Ning that Gu Qing had been to the hospital today.

Naturally, Gu Qing said that the reason for knowing their mother and daughter after getting the order of Mrs. Gu’s wife was also said. When she said that, Gu Man carefully watched Gu Ning, for fear that she was sad.

"Oh! This old lady is really not awkward!" Gu Ning sneered, his face was a little sullen, but there was no sadness.

Her anger is not because Mrs. Gu is cruel to her, but to the cruelty of Gu Man, because again, Gu Man is also the biological daughter of Mrs. Gu!

Originally, she thought that Mrs. Gu was just a patriarch, she did not like Gu Man, but she did not want to, and Mrs. Gu would be so cruel.

Just for the small grievances of his granddaughter.

Gu Man also reluctantly sighed, she is more aware of the embarrassment of Mrs. Gu than Gu Ning.

Even if Gu Ning made a mistake she had made, she would be angry and sad, but she would never hate it. She would not care about her, but would be more distressed.


Gu Man looked at Gu Ning, and looked at it and lost her heart. It was a look that showed her another person, showing sadness and nostalgia. Gu Ning knew that Gu Ning was looking through her. Ning's father.

Do they look alike?

There is no hate in Gu Man’s look. Obviously, Gu Man still loves him.

This makes Gu Ning suddenly very curious, what kind of person is the father of ‘Gu Ning’?

"Mom, can you tell me about my father's business!" Gu Ning asked.

Gu Man glanced, his look flashed and tangled, but slowly calmed down.

Ningning is already 18 years old, and she can't always say it. She doesn't want Ning Ning to misunderstand that her biological father is a negative person and hate him.

Thoughts, I couldn’t help but go back to the past: "Your father is a very handsome man, tall and tall. He is very clever and knowledgeable. He just lost his memory. He didn’t even know who he was, so I will Call him Aning. I accidentally saved him from injury, and then he has been pestering me. Later, we fell in love, and we are together. He is very capable. When he went to a company for half a year, he became a supervisor. Later, he was slowly promoted and became the manager of the planning department. However, because of a business trip, the bus that was sitting in the river was turned into the river. Twenty-three people in the car, only five people were alive, and twelve individuals recovered their bodies. But there are six, but they are missing. The missing person includes your father."

The disappearance is undoubtedly dead.

(End of this chapter)

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