Chapter 47, call again

For her, Gu Ning has always been her foil, she was bullied, and now she resists and makes her suffer, it is a sin.

"Gu Yu, don't you have a good heart, I and Hao Ran will not let the boss have no place to live." Mu Ke could not listen, and immediately yelled.

"You······" Gu Yu gas knot, I can't think of Mu Ke, a few people are so good to Gu Ning, why? Gu Ning, she is so lucky.

No, she is not willing and unwilling.

Gu Yan’s eyes flashed with grievances, and then deliberately shouted loudly, a stance of preaching: “Gu Ning, how did you become so degraded, learn the shameless little, three dignitaries, raise you, ·····”

This voice immediately caught the attention of many people and they were watching.

Gu Ning was also angry. When he waited for Gu Yu to finish, he raised his hand and slammed it. He interrupted Gu Yu’s words and screamed.

Gu Yu is a little embarrassed, I can't think of Gu Ning even dare to beat her, even if Gu Ning is not the first time to shoot her.

Gu Ning looked at Gu Yu’s gaze, as if an ice blade was facing her, and Gu Yu’s anger had not yet been sent, he was scared.

Moreover, from Gu Ning's body, she also exuded a strong air-conditioning, surrounded by Gu Yu, so that she could not help but tremble.

Gu Ning said harshly: "Gu Yu, which of your eyes saw me Gu Ning was taken care of, if you don't see it, don't talk nonsense. If it causes damage in reputation, I will tell you what to do."

"You······" Gu Yu wants to refute, but the words have not yet been exported, Gu Ning once again raised his hand, "啪啪" two sounds, the two slaps fell again on the face of Gu Yu.

This time, I tried harder than the last time. I directly swollen the cheeks on both sides of Gu Yu. I was so screaming again, and I was angry and roared: "Gu Ning, why do you beat me?"

This call, in the classroom on both sides of the stairs, the students in the second and third classes have heard, because they have not read early, so they ran out to see.

For Gu Yu, because it is a top class, and it is beautiful and beautiful, family conditions are good, so many people know. Gu Ning, after yesterday’s events, also entered the eyes of the public, so when everyone looked at it, they recognized Gu Yu and Gu Ning.

When I heard Gu Zhen’s questioning, I didn’t know what happened. Everyone looked at Gu Ning, and they were all confused. I wanted to know why Gu Ning’s expression was Gu Yu’s expression.

Gu Ning didn't care about the crowds. He just said coldly to Gu Yu: "These two slaps are for the sake of sending me a photo of my fight yesterday to my mother, scaring her and causing her to fall off the stairs. The lesson of fainting. You should be glad that my mother has not done anything big, otherwise, this is not as simple as two slaps."

I heard that everyone understood.

At the same time, this kind of malicious move by Gu Yu is very ugly, so he was beaten and no one sympathized.

"You······" Gu Yu was shocked by Gu Ning. She did not expect such a consequence. She just wanted Gu Man to know Gu Ning’s troubles and to marry her.

Of course, she did not feel embarrassed because she felt uneasy because she indirectly harmed people.

"Gu Yu, don't try again and again, challenge my bottom line, I will not be merciful." Finally Gu Ning warned, after that, they no longer care about Gu Yu, took the lead to leave.

Mu Ke and Yu Mixi also glanced at Gu Yu and left.

When Gu Ning left, everyone talked about it.

"I don't think Gu Yu's heart is so vicious. What do people fight about her? Even sending a text message to scare Gu Ning's mother, but also Gu Ning's mother fell off the stairs."

"Yeah! Even if someone else is being taken care of, it is simply that she should be beaten."

Most people expressed their belief in Gu Ning's words. If this is not the case, how can Gu Ning be so angry?

"I don't know how Qin Qin would look at such a vicious girl." The admirer of Qin Yu said with dissatisfaction.

"Maybe it was cheated by her appearance!"

"Who knows if it is a kind of thing to gather together! I have seen Qin Yu as a difficult one."

"Yes! Yes! I have seen it too!"

This time, Qin Lan also followed the gun, but this did not blame him.

"You, you..." Gu Yu was so angry that he almost didn't come up, loved his face like her, could no longer stay, and immediately ran down the building.

Because she was beaten by Gu Ning, her cheeks were already red and swollen, so I was too embarrassed to go back to the classroom and only go home.

Gu Yugang ran away, the ringtones of early reading sounded, and everyone rushed into the classroom.

When Gu Yuyi ran out of the teaching building, he just happened to be the class teacher.

The class teacher of the class is a man in his early forties, with glasses and a very serious man, called Wang Chengqi.

Wang Chengqi saw Gu Yu, who had to ask her where she had read and went, but when she saw the red mark on her cheek, she stopped and changed her mouth and asked: "Gu Yu, what is your face? ”

Seeing Wang Chengqi, Gu Yu was shocked, some were unwilling, but he was still wronged and explained: "Teacher, I have a squabble with Gu Ning in the fourth class. I was beaten by her, so I didn't have a face back to the classroom."

The reason why Gu Yu saw Wang Chengqi was unwilling, because she was very clear that Wang Chengqi was rigorous and decent, so he did not complain with him and asked him to help him to seek justice.

Although she is selfish and dissatisfied with her humiliation of Gu Ning, it does not mean that she is stupid and ignorant. She does not know that her dispute with Gu Ning is that she is at a loss.

So she is very clear, even if she told the teacher, she did not take charge of herself, and finally she could not find anything.

If not, why did she not tell the class teacher when she was thrown by Gu Ning, but told the reason at home.

Because the family protects her, whether they are right or wrong, they will stand on their side.

Yes, Wang Chengqi and Zhang Qiuhua are almost the same. They are all rigorous and decent people. They never look at people with colored glasses, do not tend to be attached to the trend, and do not listen to the words of others.

Therefore, after hearing Gu Yu’s words, although she looked a little unsightly, she did not immediately negate Gu Ning.

Gu Yu also said that it was a squabble that Gu Ning would beat people.

Gu Ning will beat people, or Gu Yu said something too much, or Gu Ning is too tempered.

Gu Ning, this person, he also met yesterday through the forum.

Although he does not like the students who fight like this, he has to say that Gu Ning has beaten Hao Ran alone. It is really amazing.

"Do you have any reason for this?" Wang Chengqi asked, if it is justified, he can help him get back to justice. If he is not convinced, he can't manage this matter.

(End of this chapter)

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