Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 35: Challenge, three dozen

Chapter 35 Challenge, Three Beats

"You are Gu Ning," Hao Ran went to Gu Ning and asked, but it was a positive tone.

"I am, is there something?" Gu Ning calmly calmly responded, not the slightest fear.

"Hao Ran, what are you looking for in Gu Ning?" and Mu Ke, who was behind Gu Ning, saw Hao Ran, and he was shocked. He immediately stopped in front of Gu Ning and was afraid of what Hao Ran did to Gu Ning.

Can't figure out, Gu Ning offended Hao Ran this guy, but did not think that Hao Ran came for Chen Ziyao.

Hao Ran saw that Mu Ke was holding Gu Ning, but he was quite surprised, but he would not have missed the meaning of Gu Ning because of Mu Ke: "I saw a video of the things happening in the cafeteria on the forum. Ning is very powerful. So, I am not convinced, I came to the post, I just don’t know if Gu Ning dared to pick it up."


Wen Yan, Mu Ke and Yu Mixi were shocked and immediately worried about Gu Ning, while Gu Ning was calm, it was a challenge! I thought it was for Chen Ziyao to come out!

Mu Ke secretly swears that the person who uploaded the video is simply looking for Gu Ning! Although Gu Ning is quite full, but for the challenge of Hao Ran, it is not afraid, but rather a bit more interest.

Hao Ran, this name is familiar to her. Because Hao Ran's reputation is similar to that of Chu Peihan, he usually fights a lot of things, and when he is late for class, he is compared with Chu Peihan.

However, the academic performance and Chu Peihan can not be compared, it can be said that one of the slag.

However, this Haoran's family is extremely good, the family is a real giant, the city's third-rate giants, the family assets of several hundred million.

Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping together with Hao Ran, but the famous Taoyuan Sanjie of the school.

In the background of Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping, she also said that Qin Zixun is a child of the official family. As for what the father did, she did not know. Zhang Tianping’s words are said to be an orphan. These three people are still feelings of fighting because of the fight!

Although the three of them are far apart, they are really good iron buddies.

Therefore, after knowing the identity of the other party, she has her own plans.

"Hao Hao, are you a man in the end! Even girls have to fight." Mu Ke is very angry, although he believes Gu Ning, but these three people are not good to deal with.

"For girls who have no strength in their hands, it is a fight, but for girls who have time, it is a matter of learning." Hao Ran said of course.

Yes, if Gu Ning is a normal girl, he will naturally not hit someone for no reason, but the video proves that Gu Ning is not a weak woman with no strength.

"You······" Mu Ke gas knot, what to say, but was interrupted by Gu Ning.

"How about winning, how about losing?" Gu Ning asked.

"If you win, I can promise you a condition, but if I win, you will promise us a condition, rest assured that this condition will not violate ethics and morality." Hao Ran said.

Hao Ran’s words also prove that he still has a moral bottom line, not a sinister person.

"Well, I accept the challenge, but I want to increase my chips." Gu Ning said.

Everyone heard that Gu Ning had promised, and they had to increase their chips. They were very surprised.

Although everyone thinks that Gu Ning really has two sons in that video, Hao Ran can play, it is notorious, so everyone is not optimistic about Gu Ning.

Gu Ning is confident or conceited!


"Oh, let's listen." For Gu Ning's refreshment, Hao Ran felt a little surprised. She was surprised to say that she would increase her stack of chips, but more, she was still curious and interested.

He didn't know whether the other person was confident or conceited, but he was glaring at the other party's momentum.

"I am one, fight three of you. If I lose, I promise you three things. But if I win, you three will recognize me as the boss. From now on, I will be loyal to me. The deadline is after the college entrance examination. "Gu Ning is indifferent, but listening to everyone's ears, it is shocking.

what? One hit three? If they win, do they still recognize her as the boss?

Gu Ning, how confident is this!

After the shock, Hao Ran was angered by Gu Ning's words. He felt that Gu Ning was simply humiliating himself. He was a man, how can he recognize a woman as the boss!

"Hey! Just rely on you? Also want to be our boss?" Hao Ran cold.

"That is, I don't see how many pounds I have."

"Gu Ning, self-confidence is a good thing, self-confidence is self-confidence."

Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping followed the anger.

"I know a few pounds and two weights. I know that I am confident or conceited. It is my business. At least, I am not afraid. If you dare not pick it up, then you are afraid of losing!" Gu Ning glanced at Hao. Of course, the three men did not hide their provocation.


This is to make the three people's self-esteem seriously hit, even if they are not reconciled, dignity can not allow them to refute.

"Afraid? Jokes, we have never been afraid of this word in our dictionary, so we picked it up." Hao Ran angered.

Hao Ran in the three people, has always been Hao Ran got the idea, so Hao Ran agreed, Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping naturally have no meaning. Moreover, they can't swallow this breath!

"Very good, then one o'clock tomorrow at noon, see the grove." Gu Ning said with satisfaction, let Mu Ke have an illusion that she is in control.

Ok! He should believe that Gu Ning is, since Gu Ning accepts this challenge, it must be a win-win confidence.

Anyway, after several times, Mihi knew that once Gu Ning decided something, it could not be changed, so she was not prepared to say anything more. I believe she would be fine.

After all, Gu Ning turned directly and went back to the classroom, leaving everyone with a proud back.

Hao Ran a few people snorted and left.

The protagonists have left, and the people who watch the excitement naturally do not have to wait any longer, and they have dispersed.

Chen Ziyao looked at the back of Gu Ning's departure, and the eyes flashed through the grievances. Gu Ning's calmness made her feel very uncomfortable, so she even hoped that Gu Ning would lose the worse tomorrow.

Zhang Yiming and Fu Mingliang are also the same, but Qin Yu’s mood is more complicated. When she wants to see Gu Ning being taught, she is also inexplicably worried about her.

After entering the classroom, the whole class looked at Gu Ning's eyes. There were concerns and expectations, but more, or gloating, especially Shao Feifei and others.

Shao Feifei wanted to take the opportunity to ridicule, but the bell rang, afraid to be caught by the class teacher, so there was no sound.

(End of this chapter)

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