Chapter Eighty-Four: The Fallen Stucci!.

The year 1520 in the Haiyuan calendar.

A month before the war on top. The capital of water.

At this moment, Rasa and Stusi are each pulling their own skins.

He knew that Stucci’s purpose was only to get close to him from time to time, but to get the latest intelligence from Kalifa. I have been pulling the recipe for “Neptune Whitening Cream” and “Six Flavor Neptune Pills”.

In fact, there is no such plan at all.

Therefore, Luo Qi also cooperated very much with the sky-high price of 100 billion Baileys. Stucci naturally did not accept it.

While pretending to cut the price, he waited for The Appearance of Kalifa. But today’s Kalifa.

It is really impossible to spend extra energy to help the world government gather intelligence. Almost as soon as she appeared in front of Rasa, no matter what time. They will be forced to do what a secretary should do.


And under the cover of the Luoqi heart net.

He knew everything big and small that happened in the Water Capital. Just like this moment.

Rob Luci took Kaku, bruno disguised himself, and kidnapped Frankie. As for the Straw Hat Boys.

However, an invasion of the Island of Justice was launched to rescue French.

Probably because of some friction, French and the Straw Hat Boy did not fight and did not know each other. 430 then offered to help the straw hat boys, who had no money, repair the ship.

As a result, Frankie’s abduction took place….

As the sea train holding Frankie slowly leaves the water capital and heads towards the Island of Justice. It was as if everything was back on track.

“Mr. Rozaki… Don’t know about you….. ”

At this moment, Stussi was still talking to Rasachi without a word, and was halfway through when he was interrupted by him.

“Miss Stucy, since we can’t talk about it for the time being, why don’t we go and see a good play?”

With that, Luo Qi stood up and walked toward the door. Just left the conference room.

Han Cook, Nicole Robin, Nami, Nokigao, Kalifa and they followed. Nami winked at Rozaki without speaking.

But the two communicate all the time through the network of hearts. Just as the sea train left the water capital.

Rasaki delivers a message to Nami.

In addition to Mr.3 and Mr.5 with 9,000 dead soldiers, they remained in the Water Capital, waiting for the hull parts to be manufactured. The rest of the people left the Water Capital by boat and set off for the New World.

As for Rozaki, he took the crowd on the Romantic and headed in the direction of Justice Island.

“Miss Stucci, do you think anyone in this world would challenge the authority of the world government?”

Comfortably lean back on a lounge chair in the grass.

Rasachi sipped the chilled drink that Magino had handed him as he asked Stucci next to him. Stucy looked at Rorsaki with some concern.

After all, she was very familiar with the direction of Justice Island, and at this moment, Luo Qi took her to the Justice Island, did he know her identity? Put this in mind for the time being.

Stucy smiled at him gracefully and quipped.

“If such a person really exists in this world, I am afraid that it will only be Mr. Luoqi.”

Smiling nonchalantly, Rasachi did not continue to answer.

This trip to the Island of Justice is of great significance to Razaki.

You can not only recruit these spies of CP9, but also try to see how Stucy will react when he sees the Straw Hat Boy gang really making a big fuss on The Island of Justice.

It’s about exposing yourself and going to eliminate the Straw Hat Boys. Or for the mission, continue to disguise!

When the Romantic ship sailed to the island of justice.

It just happened that scene that was very similar to the classic picture! Usopp lit the flag of the world government.

The difference is.

What should have been Nicole Robin crying on Spandamm’s balcony turned into a scene where Frankie was moved to tears. And the Straw Hat Kid, Munch · D. Luffy shouted at French with a serious face.

“French! I have decided that I want you to be my partner, to be a ship repairman for the Straw Hat Pirates! ”

See this scene.

Stucy did stay where he was.

While scolding Spandam for being a waste, he looked at Rasaqi curiously. This man!

How would they know that the Straw Hats are attacking the Island of Justice at this moment! And, most importantly.

Since he didn’t know his identity, what was the purpose of coming to Justice Island! Countless doubts lingered in Stucci’s mind.

She was really eager to take out the phone worm and report to the five old stars about the situation on the justice island at this moment. But she couldn’t do that.

Because her mission is to get close to Rozaki and keep in touch with Kalifa, trying to get all the weapon blueprints and potions recipes of the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce!

“It seems that Miss Stucci has just said that she was wrong, and there seems to be someone in the world besides me who has not taken the world government seriously at all.”

He looked at Stucy, who was intricately complicated next to him. Luo Qi said unceremoniously.

Destusi could only squeeze out a smile and looked at Rozaki and said.

“An ignorant and fearless group of little pirates, I actually admire a businessman like Mr. Rozaki who made his fortune by his head than a pirate.”


“Whew! Miss Stucy, could it be that you have a crush on me? ”

Reach out and pick up Stucci’s chin. Luo Qi smiled evilly.

The charm of the sweet fruit radiates, making Stucy blush. Skimmed over his head and bit the tip of his tongue.

After regaining his consciousness, he glanced to the side and whispered.

“Mr. Luoqi, we are talking about business, or it is better not to mix personal feelings.”


See Stucci’s appearance.

Luo Qi immediately realized that this was a perfect opportunity.

After taking two steps, he reappeared in Stucy’s line of sight.

Gracefully reached out and took her palm and made a slight kissing motion. Immediately, Stussy’s heart beat uncontrollably.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Inside the net, only her violently beating heart could be heard screaming warnings of imminent fall.

“Miss Stucy, has anyone ever said that your charm is not inferior to that of our Han Cook?”

“Luo… Mr. Rozaki. ”

I wanted to sober myself up, but I found that the more I resisted, the more I couldn’t resist The charm of Rasa. The moment she looked at Luo Qi again.

Finally, the irrepressible was completely breached through the atrium and threw himself into Luo Qi’s arms. Not far away, Kallifa, who saw this scene, had a red heart in her eyes and shook her head helplessly.

It wasn’t until Rasa disappeared into her field of vision with Stusi in her arms that she woke up. I smiled bitterly in my heart.

The world government really sent her an unfinished task, and even the CPO’s Stucy was now defeated. If you want to take advantage of the characteristics of Luo Qihuaxin and arrange spies to get close to him, it is simply a head-to-head…

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