Inside the tower, which collapsed violently, there was a roar.

With scarlet eyes, Aaron stood up from the rubble.

Looking at the corpses of his compatriots in the paradise, Aaron could no longer suppress the murderous spirit in his heart at this moment.

“Damn! Damn you all! Nami! You and the inferior people of the village of Cocosia are all buried with my partner!! ”

Aaron roared with rage and grief, lifted the boulder next to him and smashed it.


A cold drink.

Luo Qi raised his foot and swung two slashes, cutting the flying boulder into four pieces.

Coldly commanded.

“Go check on those fishmen, all the kills that didn’t die!”


Gently sending the disembodied Nami into Nokigao’s arms, nami said softly.

“Rest well, and then, leave it to me!”

“Mr. Rozaki!”

Noki raised her head and was about to ask Razaki to be careful.

But the next second, I unbelievably grew my mouth!

Rozaki is gone!


The villagers of the whole village of Cocosia are like Nocchigao.

Having just regained consciousness from the thunder caused by Nami, he was shocked by Razaki’s movements and stayed where he was.

Luo Qi, who was still in front of him a second ago, had now appeared behind Aaron.

It’s like teleporting!

“Humans … It can really be so powerful…. ”

Accompanied by Nochigao’s muttering.

Nami also sat up and looked into Aaron’s paradise.


“Don’t think too hard about the fish people!” Power is something that human beings can also master! ”

Like the sound of death, Razaki’s words rang out behind Aaron’s back.

Aaron was surprised and wanted to turn his head.

But just such a simple action, he could not finish it, and he was kicked against the wall!

Huge power, making the entire wall of Aaron Land crack!


A mouthful of blood spurted from Aaron’s mouth!

Putting away his feet, Luo Qi’s figure disappeared again!

Then, it appeared in front of Aaron’s eyes.

Reach out and grasp Aaron’s proboscis.

Luo Qi snorted viciously.

“This time, it’s for Nami, who has been squeezed by you for ten years of talent!”

Say it, directly break Aaron’s nose!


The pain of tearing his heart and lungs made Aaron can’t help but let out a wail!

However, Luo Qi, just frowning, reached out again and grabbed Aaron’s arms and hummed again.

“This time, it’s for Nami and Nokigao’s mother, Belmel!”


With the sound of broken bones, Aaron’s two arms were directly broken!

Another scream!

Without hesitation, Rasaki reached out and grabbed Aaron’s legs and broke them again!

Only then did Aaron speak slowly in the midst of Aaron’s screams.

“This is for the innocent villagers in the village of Cocosia who were killed by you!”

At last.

In Aaron’s already hoarse scream.

Luo Qi held out his hand and put it on Aaron’s head.

A calm face said the final death sentence!

“A fishman like you, with a thousand knives, will not be able to offset the sins you have committed on this island!” Even, to say one more word with you, I feel sick, go and die! Finger gun! ”

Blood exploded.

Luo Qi took a few steps back, dodged the blood that splashed on him, took out a hand towel and wiped his fingers, and threw it on the ground.

Turned and walked towards Nami!


“Aaron is dead…”

Look at the fishman Aaron who once dominated the village of Cocosia for several years.

At this moment, there was no breath in Luo Qi’s hands.

This moment has become the most unforgettable scene in the village of Cocosia!

“Aaron’s Paradise is gone…”


Kensuke, who was in the windmill overhead, shouted softly the voice that everyone had been waiting for for a long time.

An instant ignited the crowd.

He fell to his knees and cried bitterly.

Wept with joy and embraced each other.

Even Nochigao held Nami tightly in her arms and shed tears.

“Nami, your nightmare is over, but I’ve lost 2 billion Baileys, how are you going to compensate me?”

With a smile, mixed with ridicule and ridicule.

Rozaki’s face, which made Nami love and hate, appeared in front of her.

“You idiot! That’s what you deserve! ”

Nami blushed, then broke into a smile, sat up from Nokigao’s arms, threw herself into Razaki’s arms, and whispered in Rozaki’s ear.

“What’s your name for that word?” Clip a gun with a stick? ”


“Twitter! Today is really lucky, it is really hard for you! Help me clean up this dirty fishman! ”

“As a captain of the Navy, I declare that the treasure hidden in Aaron’s Paradise and the credit for the destruction of the Aaron Pirates are all due to Colonel Mouse of the 16th Branch of my Navy!”

A cacophony of noise came along the edge of the pool.

Destroy the atmosphere that should have been celebrating in an instant.

Luo Qi let go of Nami and slowly stood up, and in Nami’s disbelieving eyes, Razaki coldly ordered.

“Kill all of this navy, not a single one!”

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