The port of the water capital.

Sauron, Mr.3, Daz Bonis, and Joy have already been waiting here with a group of dead soldiers.

They set off half a month earlier than Luoqi and his party, but they only arrived two days earlier than Luoqi.


The tasks arranged, they have all been contacted.

Next, wait for the money to arrive and The arrival of Rozaki.

As usual.

Under the stars and moon, Luo Qi stepped onto the ground of the Water Capital.

But he didn’t know.

At the port, countless intelligence officers had already passed on the news of the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce’s arrival in the Water Capital.

Doflamingo, who has set out for the Great Passage.

Rogue Town bids farewell to Luffy and returns to Monchi, who is on the Great Route. D. Dragon.

Not to mention the CP9 spy agency stationed in the Water Capital, and the Navy in the Water Capital.


Many sneaky figures disappeared into the darkness.

They all took out the phone worms and contacted their respective superiors and bosses.


Half below the empty island is inside the town of Magic Valley on Gaya Island.

Bellamy stood respectfully to the side.

At this time, Doflamingo was holding up the phone worm, grinning and humming continuously.

“Finally showing up?” Rashomon Chamber of Commerce! It seems that there seems to be a good drama to watch this time! ”

After saying this, Doflamingo immediately turned to Bellamy and commanded.

“Prepare the pirate ship now!” I’m leaving, to the Water Capital! ”

At the same time.

A ship with no signs on the sea.

Munch · D. Dragon stood on the deck, a smile on his face hidden under the cloak.

“O water capital! I was curious, knowing that it had only been a few days since I had left Alabastan, and how this merchant named Rozaki had arrived in the Water Capital in such a short time. ”

As he spoke, he also turned and shouted into the cabin.

“Kirla, inform to go down and divert to the Water Capital!”

A head popped out of the cabin.

Kirla looked at the dragon with a puzzled look on her face and asked in puzzlement.

“Isn’t the Water Capital near the Island of Justice?” Why go there! What if I get exposed? ”

Long Wei smiled and replied without any concern.

“When the time comes, you can go to the island with me and meet this Mr. Razaki, and it will not cause a disturbance.”

Hearing this, Kirla stopped speaking and hurried to the sailing room.


New world.

CP0 Spy Agency Headquarters.

The news of the Water Capital came at the first time.

The current CP0 chief immediately took out the phone worm and contacted the Holy Land.

Jo Maria.

The conference room of the five old stars.

When the news of the Appearance of the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce in the Water Capital arrived.

Several old men discussed again.

“CP9 is in the Water Capital, do you want Spandam to contact his waste son Spandam and ask him to meet With Rozaki first?”

One of the old men spoke.


The remaining four were almost in unison.

Obviously knowing what kind of goods this Spandam is.

If it weren’t for hereditary system and his father Spandain.

They simply wouldn’t have had Spandam serve as CP5’s commander, then CP9’s commander, or even cp0’s top brass two years later.

“This crap is only going to spoil things!”

The old man holding the first ghost held his glasses, said coldly, looked up at the guard at the door and commanded.

“Go get the CP9 member files, and I remember there seems to be a guy named Rob Luke, who is a good talent.”

After the guard hurried down, another old man suddenly spoke.

“According to the information given by the Navy, it seems that this Rozaki likes women very much, do you want to let Stucci of CP0 go to the Water Capital to try his luck?”

As soon as the words came out.

Several of the old men fell silent, and after a short while one of the old men spoke.

“Are you sure Stucci can attract Rorsaki?” Although she accidentally gained the ability to maintain eternal youth, after all, her age was very large… ”


Unexpectedly, the other old man laughed and said without hesitation.

“Stucci’s beauty in this world is comparable to the little girl of the female emperor, and the people who pursue her are still not in the minority, in this era, who really masters the strength, who cares about things like age, beautiful skin bags will never become obsolete!”

“This is indeed the truth, then let Stucy go to the water capital, the Navy side did not also say, this Rozaki’s ability is very special, just let Stusi check his bottom.”

The last old man, who had never spoken, also spoke in agreement.

Talking room.

The guard at the door walked in, holding a copy of CP9’s personnel information.

The first page opened was Spandam’s ugly face.

He frowned and quickly turned to the next page.

A few old men were immediately interested.

“I didn’t expect this Rob Luke to be a little genius!” Soon the commander of CP0 should also retire, perhaps consider letting him enter CP0 to try, if the potential is good, as a new CP0 commander is not impossible. ”

“I’ll talk about this later!”

Then I flipped it down.

Kalifa’s information entered the field of vision of several people.

Several people immediately finalized the candidates.

“The long one is quite good, maybe it’s quite suitable for this mission, but the strength is a little weaker, let her go to see Razaki first, and when Stucy arrives, she is making plans.”

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