Rogue Town.

This is the closest island to the Great Passage.

It was also the last stop for Rasahi’s stay in the East China Sea.

His business plan needs to pick up the pace.

Therefore, after completing the talents that he basically needs to recruit in the East China Sea.

He rushed here with people.

Of course!

It’s also here.

For the first time, Luo Qi saw the reward order that belonged to him!

[Bounty Order.] 】

【Pirate Regiment: Unknown!】 】

[Target person: Rasahi.] 】

[Nickname: Businessman.] 】

[Photo: ?. 】

【Ability: Unknown!】 Extremely dangerous! 】

【Bounty: 100 million Bailey; Life or death. 】

Standing by the harbor in Rogue Town, watching the pictures posted on the wall were replaced by a question mark for their own bounty order.

This made Luo Qi can’t help but be a little surprised, isn’t the most mysterious thing in this pirate world the photographer who takes pictures of pirates?

How did you get to yourself and not even find a photo?

Of course!

This is not to blame on the Navy side.

In fact, the reward order was collected after he had annihilated Colonel Rat and his gang before the Naval Headquarters sent someone to investigate.

Because the villagers of The village of Cocosia were reluctant to give the approximate appearance of Rozaki.

Therefore, only a question mark can be used instead….


He shook his head and sighed helplessly.

Rasa kirito saw Nami, who was snickering.

It seems that this strange reward order makes her relieved, after all, there is no photo, even if the reward is high, it is meaningless.

He knocked her head in disgust.

Luo Qi quickly turned around and assigned the work.

“Nami, give Sauron a hundred thousand peles and ask him to go to the weapons store in town for two new knives.”

“No money!”

“Why do I have a knife to change?”

The two men opened their mouths one after the other.

Nami was covering her forehead and skimming her lips with reluctance.

As for Sauron, he didn’t understand it.

Luo Qi didn’t bother to talk nonsense, and a shaved body came to Sauron, before he could react.

Without hesitation, he drew out two knives except for the Hedaoyi script.

With a strong break of both hands, he broke the two knives in front of Sauron.

“You idiot! He broke my knife! ”

Sauron angrily tried to smash Luoqi with the sheath of his sword, but was stopped by two dead soldiers, and could only struggle hard to break the mouth and scold.

Of course!

Luo Qi still took a punch in the face of love education.

This punch was sent by Nami.

For the behavior of such a loser as Luo Qi, she naturally would not be accustomed to it, and after one punch, she crossed her waist and roared angrily at Luo Qi.

“You loser, think our family is rich?” Such a good two knives, say break it! ”


Rubbing his head, Luo Qi was not used to her, and immediately grabbed Nami’s ear and replied loudly.

“Didn’t I put 160 million Baileys on you, and even more so you blackmailed 100 million Baileys from me yourself!”

“What is blackmail! Did you bastard eat dry and wipe it clean and forget? The old lady has worked hard to get a gun to get a stick to change back! ”


Hearing this, Luo Qi was blindfolded and covered her mouth, this little wild cat really dared to say anything.

Nami seemed to react to what she had just said, and her face turned red as she rubbed it.

This kind of social death is really rare.

Noqigao, Koya, and Maginot all blushed, and then laughed unceremoniously.

“That’s it! Just let Sauron borrow 100,000 Peles from you! ”

Luo Qi quickly forked the road.

However, Sauron, who heard this, was not pleased.

“You bastard! You broke my knife, why should I borrow her 100,000 Baileys! ”

“No money.”

Nami said more directly, Bare stick.


Everyone looked at Nami in amazement.

Luo Qi asked directly.

“What about money?”

Mentioning this, Nami twisted and pinched instead, a pair of eyes looking east and west just did not speak, half a day before holding out a sentence that made Luo Qi collapse.

“I left all the money to the villagers of Cocosia…”

Be calm!

I am a quality businessman, I can earn money again, but I must maintain my image as a fart!

Finally, Razaki still didn’t hold back, his hands grabbed Nami’s neck, and he shook wildly.

“You losers, that’s my start-up capital, you actually didn’t have a single cent left for me to lose!”

After venting, Rasa regained his sanity and straightened his clothes, and only then did he reluctantly order the dead soldiers under his hands to take 100,000 berry and throw it into Sauron’s hands.

“In the weapon store in Rogue Town, there are two famous knives, whether you can get your hands on it depends on your skills, the money only gives you 100,000 Baileys, take two people to buy it yourself.”

As he spoke, he pointed to several other dead soldiers.

“You go to the naval base in Rogue Town, take the bounty of Aaron’s gang and the Black Cat Pirates, and then with Sauron, take 90 people with you, take the windless way into the great passage, kill a sea king by the way, collect the grease and blood, and wait for me in Arabastan.”


In the system store, it took 10 points to buy a permanent pointer to Alabastan and lost it to one of the dead soldiers.

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