“What about orange trees?”

Come back to God.

Nami and Noki asked in unison.

“I put it away, and I’ll take it out in the future.”

Luo Qi shrugged and said without concern.

But I didn’t expect it.

He was greeted by Nami’s furious fist.

“You idiot! Why even the ground was planed! Did you know that I hid 70 million Baileys in this orange grove! ”


I couldn’t help but take a breath of cool air.

Luo Qi raised his head, unceremoniously grabbed Nami’s ear and scolded.

“Isn’t it 70 million Peles?” I’ll pay you for it! Don’t be so cruel! ”

“Oh well! Now dare to fight back! Sure enough, I ate dry and wiped my head and didn’t recognize it! ”

Nami was also not polite, and also grabbed Luo Qi’s ear and complained.

“This matter can not be solved by 70 million Baileys, at least 100 million Baileys!”

But Nami.

Rozaki could only let his men divide the 100 million Baileys from the treasure they had just found in Aaron Park and give it to Nami.

See the money.

Nami immediately transformed into a money fan, magically breaking free from Rasazaki’s hands and saving the big bag of treasure.

Bailey’s eyes were glazed over, but it wasn’t even a few seconds.

She pretended to be miserable again.

“Dear Rasa, you will keep the rest of the treasure for me~!! You know people love these things the most. ”

A burst of crispness went straight from the soles of Rasa’s feet to the door of his head.

Luo Qi hurriedly stopped Nami’s pitiful expression and asked rhetorically.

“What good do I have?”

Unexpectedly, as soon as this question was asked, Nami immediately reached Luo Qi’s ear with watery eyes and whispered.

“I came up with a new word, dancing guns and sticks! Don’t you want to see it! ”


This little wild cat will actually develop new moves!

Well, Razaki had to surrender his weapons and give all the treasure he had in his hands to Nami.


The banquet in the village of Cocosia was destined to become an empty talk.

Nor did Luo Qi intend to take an army of a hundred dead soldiers and eat the village to the end.

Not to mention that he had more important things to do.

Nor did they wait for Nochigao and Nami to say goodbye to the villagers of Cocosia Village.

He quietly slipped away with the crowd.

The Merry was taken into the system warehouse by Rozaki.

All of them boarded the massive powered submarine.

As for who the Straw Hat Kid’s companion will be, where the adventurous ship will come from.

It’s not about LuoQi at all.

I am a businessman, not a good person!


Early the next morning.

Luo Qi got up from the bed refreshed.

Looking at Nami, who was sleeping, she was not happy to wake her up.

After all, this little wild cat should also feel tired.

Walk out of the room.

When Rasaaki came to the restaurant, he saw Nokigao and Koya eating breakfast.

The two saw Luo Qi and immediately greeted him.

However, Luo Qi grinned and pulled open the chair and sat down.

Then he took out two Demon Fruit and two bottles of Demon Fruit Optimization Liquid and placed them in front of them.

【Moisturize the fruit】 and “Repair the fruit】!

Picked up the moist fruit and handed it to Nokigao.

He also pushed the fruit of restoration in front of Koya.

Luo Qi smiled and greeted him.

“Good morning, two beauties, and come and taste the after-dinner fruit!”

There is a hint of narrowing in the slightly squinted eyes.

If Nami was here, she would definitely give him a burst.

Let’s not talk about how this thing tastes, it is not worthy of the title of fruit at all.

A single pele worth 100 million baileys was enough for Nami to strangle him.

The two looked at the strange-looking demon fruit and looked at it for half a day, but did not open their mouths to inquire.

Just hesitating, he carefully tore open the peel and took a small bite.


Almost the same expression, the same action, the two opened their mouths at the same time to spit out something that was so bad that it was so bad that it was devastating.


Luo Qi laughed and grabbed the rest of the fruit and stuffed it into the mouths of the two.

And say it out loud.

“Don’t spit it out!” You’re eating demon fruit, worth 100 million baileys! ”



Perhaps intimidated by this startling price.

The two subconsciously swallowed their saliva and swallowed the demon fruit in their mouths.

After Rozaki let go of his hand.

The two of them glanced at Luo Qi at the same time, and Nokigao said in a nonchalant manner.

“Next time can you tell me clearly, such a difficult thing almost made me spit out breakfast!”

As for Koya, she covered her mouth and said in surprise.

“Mr. Rozaki! Are you talking about the Demon Fruit that gives people special abilities? ”


Seeing that the prank had worked successfully, Luo Qi also narrowed his smile and said seriously.

“The secret treasure cursed by the sea, under normal circumstances, can only eat one in a lifetime, can have magical powers, but will become the devil fruit of the dry duck!”

“Now, drink the Demon Fruit Optimization Liquid in front of you, it will remove the curse of the Demon Fruit.”

“In addition, you must always keep this optimization liquid a secret, otherwise the whole world will find ways to hunt us down!”

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