Chapter 112 Fish Fruit – Jellyfish Form!.

“Dobby has lived for decades, and I haven’t seen you strong enough, such strength, this life is to live to the dog?”

One step forward.

Luo Qi’s top overlord color suddenly added another point. Directly stunned all the pirates of the Wald Pirates.

The only people left with consciousness on the field were Bundy Wald and Nechen.

Compared to Bundy Wald’s shaky state, Neichin felt no discomfort at all. This was the result of Luo Qi’s control.

Taking another step forward, Bundy, Wald was also stunned. In the entire Wald Pirate Regiment, there was only one Nekoto left. At this time.

Luo Qi calmly turned out a demon fruit.

【Fish and fish fruit common species one lighthouse jellyfish form! 】 】

[Ability 1: Age return, in the state of hormone stimulation, will automatically reverse the life cycle, rewind their age to the state of 20 years old. 】

[Ability two: transparent, to a certain extent to let yourself into a transparent state, but can not achieve the effect of complete invisibility. 】

[Ability 3: Tentacles, ten fingers can extend the tentacles full of suction cups, once adsorbed to the opponent, will inject a very strong 17 toxins. 】

This devil fruit.

It was one of the 500 animal-based demon fruits that Rozaki had purchased. Of the common species of fish and fish fruits, he still had at least 30 more in his hand.

Such as: piranha form, shark form, squid form, etc., all of which are carnivorous.

Luo Qi directly handed the jellyfish fruit to Natsumi and coldly ordered.

“Nechen, eat this demon fruit!”

Natsuki knew that Razaki was powerful, and the fact that he could put down the Red Dog in one move had been rumored to be boiling over. Now it shows the powerful overlord color.

Without the slightest hesitation, he directly took the Demon Fruit in Luo Qi’s hand and stuffed it into his mouth. Moment after swallowing.

Neiqin didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary. But the next second.

Luo Qi suddenly stretched out his hands and slammed into both of her waists!

“Hormonal stimulation!”

Accompanied by a cold hum from Rozaki. Moment.

The slender, elderly Naechen began to regain her youthfulness at a speed visible to the naked eye, and her figure once again became convex and hindwing, which was very beautiful.

Even the skin has the characteristics of jellyfish, and it becomes extremely silky!


Not to mention Cap and the others who were far away on the warship, even the black Maria on both sides of the Wald Pirate Regiment, and several members of the Charlotte family had grown their mouths.

As for Nechen herself, she was even more in a state of ecstasy.

“From today on, you are the assistant of the Rashomon family, she is in charge of Western medicine, you are in charge of Chinese medicine!” Rasaki’s cold voice came and retrieved Natsumi from her ecstasy back to reality. ”

His body stiffened, and he glanced at the members of the Wald Pirate Regiment who had been completely destroyed, and immediately opened his mouth to Luo Qi.

“Thank you President Rasa, the old man will definitely do his part.”

Frowning, Razaki spoke again.

“Don’t be old in the future, old, your age is now back to 20 years old, not old enough for me!” With that, he grabbed The Nicola and jumped on Bello Betty’s boat. ”

He walked up to her without hesitation.

Reaching out and grabbing her coat, he looked at her recklessly and then buckled it up directly. Bello Betty tried to untie it, only to be slapped off by Rozaki.

Even if she was stupid, she understood what Luo Qi meant. Unpleasant skimmed his lips.

What to say before I can say anything.

He was picked up by Luo Qi again and jumped to the side of the other two pirate regiments.

Charlotte Snamon, Charlotte Garrett, and Charlotte Brinn.

Black Maria and her subordinates Sharoman Snake, Tall Girl, Rain Girl, Patio Down, Mistress, Nine Ninjas! Plus Nechen and Bello Betty.

Until the end.

Luo Qi pulled out a huge island cloud and let several people sit on top of the island cloud. Luo Qicai used the fluttering fruit ability to take people away.

Before leaving, he did not forget to wave at the Warring States and open his mouth.

“The people I’m going to take away have already been chosen, so you can watch the rest!”

Watching Luo Qi take all the key characters away, sengoku and Tsuru’s old faces turned black, looking at Kapu, who had returned to normal and had no heart and lungs, and sighed helplessly. The other side.

French was slapped off though.

But the iceberg mayor has arrived at the empty island.

He joined the dead men left on The Empty Island by Rasaaki and began the construction of the SkyTrain. As for the City in the Air, construction must wait until the tracks are laid to the point before construction can begin. Here, Luo Qi led the crowd back to Nine Snake Island.

The entire island sank to the bottom of the sea under his control, and according to Nami’s instructions, it flew rapidly in the direction of Fishman Island. At this time, Luo Qi and the imperial palace of the daughter country returned to the palace and sat steadily in the seat of the female emperor.

Luo Qi glanced at the person he had just brought back.

First, he held out his finger to Nagon and opened his mouth to Koya.

“Ke Ya, this person’s name is Nai Qin, is a Chinese medicine doctor, she will be your deputy in the future, plus the four white-bearded pirates, Miss Nurse, your medical team is almost basically constructed, I will arrange some more staff, give you a hand, you first take Nai Qin to familiarize yourself with her working environment!”

Koya nodded and walked out immediately.

Nae-chan was also very sensible, striding behind Koya, politely and respectfully talking to Koya and leaving the palace hall. Then.

Rozaki looked at Charlotte, Snamoon, Charlotte Garrett, and Charlotte Brinn again. Charlotte Brinn was the youngest, two months later, 15 years old.

However, the little girl looked at herself with admiration. After opening the heart net.

Luo Qi heard the voice of the three sisters.

The eldest, Charlotte, at the moment, said nothing at the moment with a long knife with one hand on his waist. There was only one thought in his mind, that is, to protect his two sisters.

Charlotte Garrett’s mood was completely different, her body trembling slightly, obviously scared.

She felt an incomparable fear of Luo Qi in her heart, and she could feel the terrifying aura of Luo Qi’s body that was not weaker than BIGOM. On the contrary, the youngest Charlotte Brinn, with a smile of admiration on the surface, even in the eyes of admiration. But the thoughts in the mind are the most complicated!

He truly admired Razaki’s legendary experience and great strength, but he was also afraid of whether he could complete the task. And what she calls a task.

In fact, BIGOM allows her to keep approaching Rozaki, preferably in the same bed, using the memory fruit ability to cut out a series of important memories in Rozaki’s mind about ‘God Forbidden Zone, Barrett, Gatlin, AK, etc.!’

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