He finally couldn't bear it any longer, and pointed his finger at Lu Qingqiao:

[Assistant, what's the matter with you? Will it be called, what do I get back from you? If you gave me a shield just now, I'd kill three times! 】

[I play with my toes better than you. 】

[Are you an elementary school student, is Caicheng disabled? ! 】

[I don't even know how to play this game, so you should go play the house. 】

[Cai forced the assistant, it's dead! 】


Lu Qingqiao replied calmly:

[Just now our jungler sent a signal to inform us that the opponent's jungler disappeared. At this time, the bad enemy was obviously seducing, indicating that the opponent's jungler was there. I signaled you not to play, but you insisted on playing. , I will give you a shield as an assistant, help you block attacks, let you retreat, and rush to the opponent's head...]

[If you play like this with your toes, don't tell me. 】


Seeing Lu Qingqiao's serious reply, Qin Xun couldn't help laughing.

With this casual sarcasm, he could already imagine that the other party must be so angry that his face turned black at this time.

[Baba Show for you] Resurrection stayed in the Resurrection Spring and couldn't come out. He typed:

[The low rank is easy to encounter this kind of garbage, garbage teammates, support can't play, jungler can't catch people, mid-laner top laner can't support, can't take the fly, they are all pigs, stupid and heavy! ! ! 】

[I just hang up and see how you idiots die! 】

Order:  …

Jungle: ...

Lu Qingqiao thought it was nothing, after all, she had never seen anyone before, such a loud rant was the least worth mentioning.

She saw Qin Xun beside her typing quickly, and quickly sent out:

[The shameful thing that only speaks loudly. At the beginning of the game, he farted there and said that he would win with flying belts, but now he is lying flat and waiting for the enemy to step on you. 】

[You can only stay in the spring water in this game and not make trouble, pay attention to how your ancestors won! 】

After playing, he sent a signal to the jungler and the top laner, saying: [Top laner, jungler, cooperate with me, and let that shameful thing see how this game is played. 】

Top order: [Here we come, brother. 】

Jungle: [Hahahaha, here we come. 】

The top orderer is puzzled: [What about the assistant? 】

Qin Xun: [The assistant is by my side. 】

Top order: [Oh~ Girlfriend? 】

Qin Xun: [Yeah. 】

Jungle: [Just play games when you play games, why do you suddenly abuse the dog? 】

Place the order: [Ahahaha. 】

Under Qin Xun's command, the rhythm of this four-on-five game took off.

Before the enemy loses, he still manually Aite Qin Xun on the public screen, saying: [Brother, add a friend and join us in the next round. 】

Qin Xun refused, saying: [Bring your girlfriend to fight, not team up with others. 】

The other party: [Don't, brother, you must be a trumpet, you must be not low in the tuba rank, we can play the tuba together when we have time, let's add a trumpet, and then increase the size, I will not delay your trumpet Take a girlfriend. 】

Qin Xun saw that the other party was sincere and sensible, so he agreed.

When exiting the game team room, Qin Xun also sent a sentence: [Shame, winning or losing the game has half a cent to do with you, you should go home and play the stacking blocks, but that game also needs some brains, I'm afraid you are not suitable either. 】

When Lu Qingqiao saw Qin Xun's poisonous tongue, he felt so cute.

She is as obedient as a cat on weekdays, and her claws are sharp when she shows her claws.

Quitting the game, Qin Xun received three friend requests, two were teammates and one was an enemy, he accepted them all.

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