It's night, Qingyuan Road, Enqi Town.

   A week after the inspectors of the Dixie County Police Department left, Sifa pushed open the door of the Sea Monster Tavern again, and all kinds of noisy noises filled his ears.

   He gently pressed the felt hat, lowered his head, hurried to the front of the bar, and sat down on an empty high chair.

   It seems that there will always be a bartender who can't finish the glass and glanced at him: "You haven't been here for a long time, Duke, I thought you were gone again."

   "In this case, you will have to pay a storage fee for your bounty."

   Speaking, Sanchi took out a box from under the counter. A locked box, he opened the box, took out an envelope from the inside, and handed it to Sifa.

   "You count it, it's 600 pounds in total."

   Xifa took the envelope, felt its thickness, and sighed in his heart.

   The leader of a gang in a remote town can easily come up with a £600 bounty, which shows how profitable human trafficking is.

   It couldn't be better to catch Doug.

   He didn't count the banknotes in the envelope, but pulled out two 10-pound denominations from the inside and pushed them to the bartender.

   "10 pounds storage fee, besides, I want to inquire about one thing."

   Sangqi glanced at him, said nothing, and took the money.

   Sifa put the envelope in the inner pocket of the windbreaker: "I want to ask someone, do you know a best-selling novel called "Storm Mountain Villa"?"

   Sangqi stopped all his movements and stared at the man wearing an iron mask in front of him: "Do you look at me like someone who can read novels?"

   Xifa shrugged his shoulders: "It doesn't matter, you help me find out the author of this book, Forsi. I want to know information about the author, such as the other party's current address."

   Through the comments of the watchers, Sifa knew that this author named Fors was related to the Abraham family. The watcher said at the time that if you want to know more about Abraham, you can try to contact the author.

"no problem."

   Sangqi took out a small notebook, scribbled down Xifa’s commission, then lowered his voice and said, "Is this your task? Or is it your personal problem."

   "Of course you don't need to answer me, I have my own professional ethics, I'm just curious."

   "Forsi, the name seems to be a female, best-selling novelist, do you like this kind of intellectual woman, Duke?"

   Xifa stood up: "When will there be news?"

   Sangqi continued to wipe his cup: "It won’t be long, tomorrow, no, come back the next night."

"Oh, right."

  The bartender leaned forward, and carefully glanced around, before lowering his voice, "Remember that man named Bridge?"

  Sifah, of course, remembers that he sold his own "Shadow Knuckles", and he had to hire himself as a temporary bodyguard, and then he was killed by Gorey, who had become a "passage," on the multi-masted sailboat by the white beach.

"what happened?"

   Sangqi put down his wine glass: "Someone has come to inquire about him in the past two days. Two people. One is tall, fair-skinned, dark-blue pupils, with a northern accent."

   "The other one is shorter, with a bald head, a top hat, a formal dress, and a goatee. There is a tattoo on the right palm, which looks like it belongs to a certain organization."

   "They are inquiring about Bridge. Those who have played cards with Bridge have been found by them."

   "I don't know what they are going to do, what they are about to do, anyway, be careful."

   Xifa nodded, pressed his felt hat, and left the tavern.

  As soon as I came out, I saw three people talking on the opposite street not far away. Two of them, one is tall and the other is shorter, but wearing top hats and formal attire, it seems that Sanchi mentioned the two.

   Xifa didn't want to cause trouble, turned around and went into an alley, waiting for him to come to Mermaid Road. The iron mask had been put away, and the long windbreaker was put on his arm. He took off his hat and walked on this characteristic cobblestone street in his original form.

   After learning that the original owner was not the child of the Bysons that day, it seemed that the news stimulated the original owner's body and gave him more memory fragments.

   These days, he finally digested these pieces.

   thus knows some of the original owner's deep thoughts.

   The owner of this body has a strong sense of belonging and responsibility to the Bysons and the family.

   He pretends to be a nobleman with less evil, in order to reduce the guard of his father's enemies and buy time for his own growth.

   At the same time, he also became a bounty hunter as a duke.

  He was secretly seeking a way to become an Extraordinary, and he also asked to purchase Extraordinary weapons in advance.

   He wants to protect this family and grow this family through his own efforts.

  He has paid a lot for this family.

   That's why Xifa felt sad and ridiculous when he heard those words of Bison that day. Moreover, these emotions are so strong.

   Even after so long, thinking about it now, he still feels tingling.

  Sifah shook his head and drove these thoughts out of his mind.

   "I have been to Lyon in the past few days, and I have made time to hunt almost every day, using it to distract my spirit and make some preparations."

   "Tomorrow is the first day of August, the time should be ripe. Next, I should leave this town. I can take this opportunity to make some investments with my own private property."

   Xifa walked while letting his thinking spread out.

   "Bison plans to invest in the steel industry next. He believes that the kingdom will vigorously develop industry in the future, and he is no longer satisfied with the animal husbandry and timber industries."

   "Well, it's not that the steel industry can't invest. However, I have another idea."

   "Using Blue Star's development history as a reference template, if the world has oil, if I can mine and occupy it in advance, then I will have mastered the important energy of the world."

   "Well, it is not easy to find oil fields. It is not easy to extract oil. It requires a lot of investment."

   "In addition, the information industry is also worth investing in."

   "There is already a telegraph in this world. In other words, it provides the technical basis for the emergence of the telephone."

   "Well, compared to oil, the upgrade of communication technology is easier to achieve, and I can make this investment in advance."

   "Moreover, hunters need to gather intelligence. If I control the communications industry, then I can build a dark web, a developed underground intelligence network."

   "I can even get more profits through this network!"

   For a while, thoughts of Xifa were mixed, and when he recovered, he was already home.

   The next morning, Sifa met his mother Anilu in the garden. This elegant woman was watering the flowers and carefully removing some weeds.

   "Mom, are you free now?"

   Hearing Sifa's voice, she turned her head, the morning light fell on her face, softening the lines on her face, and exuding a holy light.

   "Of course, is there something?"

   Xifa nodded, and according to the plan, said calmly: "I think I will finish digesting the'Hunter' potion."

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