"The flavored dried fish in Vanessa Department Store seems to be good, but the sandwich jam muffins at Fengting Bakery are now 40% off. Martha, can you help me fortune telling, which one should I buy?"

   Jeffrey, who had pale complexion and white lips and had dark circles under his eyes today, also came out of the carriage.

   The red-haired lady responded irritably: "Jeffrey, my divination is not used in this way."

   Xifa looked forward to it, but did not see more people in the carriage. He wondered: "Where is Chief Lewis?"

Martha, who took out the candy box but did not open it, shrugged and said: "Captain and Warren will stay in the town. We are not sure that the thing will be hidden in the mountains, so the two of them will search around the town. "

   "Also, we have to beware of a problem."

   Xifa casually asked: "What's the problem."

   The corner of Martha's mouth raised and smiled: "That's not what you thought about. Let's go, Mr. Sifa, if you have already had breakfast."

   Xifa nodded, called Matthew, brought all the equipment, and got on the carriage dedicated to the police system to go to town.

   They came to Qingwei Road to visit Lyon, the Orion, and they needed a guide if they wanted to walk in the Albury Mountains.

   There is no doubt that Lyon is the best guide.

   After knowing the intention of Xifa and others, Leon did not refuse, and readily agreed.

   While Lyon was packing up his things, Sifa was waiting at the door. Orion’s house was not spacious and could not contain so many people.

   Qingfeng Road is as noisy as it always was. Various street vendors hawked on the road, pedestrians hurried, and from time to time several children yelled and ran by.

   Xifa glanced in the direction of the sea monster tavern. He has been too busy lately, he has not had time to go to the tavern, and he does not know whether Doug has given the bounty to the bartender Sanchi.

   "Cowardly Rodney, cowardly Rodney. His wife is nice to others, and he turns a blind eye, turns a blind eye..."

   "Useless Rodney, hapless Rodney. He is always wronged and bullied. He dare not resist, he dare not resist..."

   A sound of children came from the street and attracted the attention of Xifa. He saw several eight- or nine-year-old children spinning around a man and singing in unison what seemed to be his own song.

   The man's hair is messy and has not been combed. His eyes flickered, his gaze fell on the street in front of his feet, he was bent over, hunched over, sneaky and unpleasant.

   But even though he was teased by these children, he did not drive away and did not refute.

   Among those children, a boy about ten years old had the most fun. This boy has rough yellow hair and lost a front tooth.

   He boldly picked up a stone from the street, threw it on the leg of the man named Rodney, made a grimace, made a gesture, and rushed into the side alley like the wind with the children.

   "You can go now."

   Leon's voice sounded, which made Sifa withdraw his sight. When they got into the carriage, they could no longer see the man named Rodney.

   It was close to noon when I entered Mount Albury. However, with the close-fitting male servant carrying a suitcase with plenty of water and food in it, Sifa was not worried about going hungry.

  On the way here, Sifa has already passed through Leon, hoping to find the strange wolf they encountered last time.

   Those wild wolves are obviously affected by some kind of power. They are stronger and more fierce.

   They are related to Gorey. If Gorey is in the mountains, then perhaps this wild wolf can help them find Gorey.

   After entering the mountain, Lyon played the role of a hunter, searching all the way.

   At about one o'clock in the afternoon, they finally found something. In the low-lying part of Mount Albury, by the rocky beach interrupted by Silver Snake Creek, two unusual wild wolves of that kind were found.

   These wild wolves are bigger than when Sifa and the others met before, and their hairs are all stripped, revealing smooth gray skin.

   They are drawing water by the stream, and they don't know the distance in the grass, and they have a few pairs of eyes staring at them.

   Following these wild wolves, Xifa and the others moved along the Silver Snake Creek and proceeded downstream.

   Silver Snake Creek is the only stream in the Albury Mountains. It winds around the deep mountains like a giant silver snake.

  No one knows where the source of Silver Snake Creek is, but most people know that this stream will flow out of Mount Albury, pass Enki Town, and finally merge into the sea.

When Sifa opened his pocket watch with graceful feather patterns again, it was already around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. He looked forward. This was already the middle section of the lower reaches of Yinhe Creek. Not far from the river, there was a gloomy wood. .

   In front of the woods, Sifa saw a church that had collapsed.

"It's not like a church." Martha said softly. As a fortune-teller, she is also interested in history. In those related books, she has seen many church buildings from various periods, so she took a look. It can be seen that the church is not built like the Church of the Goddess of the Night.

   Although most of the walls of the church have collapsed, the main structure is barely preserved.

   Despite its small scale, it can be seen from the spires and sculptures that the church was originally gorgeous.

   is full of classicism beauty.

   "1, 2, 3..."

   Martha didn't know what she was counting, which made Sifa couldn't help asking.

   "Sir Martha, are you?"

"You can call me Miss Martha." The red-haired female inspector pointed to the church in the distance. "I'm counting its pillars, centered on the gate. Look, it has four on the left, but only three on the right. ."

"And it doesn't look like one of the pillars has fallen down, so this is the so-called asymmetrical design~www.readwn.com~ Jeffrey interrupted and said: "I remember the asymmetrical design, it is a Quaternary architecture. Style. Does that mean that this building has been here for a long time? "

   He wondered again: "People of the Quaternary, why are they building a church in this deep mountain? It doesn't look like there are people in the neighborhood."

   "Then I know it, but don't you think it is possible for that thing to be hidden in the church?"

   Geoffrey squinted slightly, and carefully took out his short stick engraved with the spell: "There is indeed a need for exploration."

   Just as he said this, Sifa suddenly caught a dull voice in his ear.


   The sound seemed to be coming from under the ground, and it seemed to sound from the church. Xifa looked around, and the others didn't feel anything unusual.

   It seems that only he can hear this voice.


   There was another clapping sound, and Xifa trembled unconsciously. Even though Silver Snake Creek was illuminated by the sun, he was terrified and terrified when he looked at the church in the distance, which was submerged in the shadow of the woods.

   It's like, there is something terrible in the church, waiting for the explorer to deliver it.

   "You stay here, I'll go and see."

   Jeffrey stood up, was about to leave the hiding place, and was suddenly caught.

   Xifa solemnly said: "Wait."

   The two inspectors looked at him with doubts in their eyes. Xifa coughed dryly, and said to the red-haired lady: "Officer Martha, before the action, don't you fortune telling?"

   "I have read some novels and heard some stories from adventurers on the journey to West Belan."

   "In these stories, in those inaccessible buildings, many hidden dangers."


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