Eternal God Emperor

Chapter 3816: The purpose of the King of Quebec

Chapter 3816

The purpose of the King of Quebec

Bai Cangxing, the blood cloud is boiling.

The gap in the Great Qi Ancestor Rune Formation had already been repaired by the corpse burial man, blocking the Quebec Emperor from the outside.

In fact, Shangtian Demon Corpse and Boundless were able to open this gap, which was the intention of the corpse burial person, who planned to invite Jun into the urn and then close the door to beat the dog.

The power of Bai Cangxing would not take the initiative to attack the undead blood clansmen.

However, if someone manipulates this power, even if Emperor Kuiliang has the bloodline of an immortal blood clan, he will never be able to easily break into Bai Cangxing.

The appearance of the burial man made Wu Bian and the remaining few knights in the heavens look solemn.

Who would have thought that the undead blood clan had such a strong heritage, that in addition to the undead **** of war, there was still such an immortal existence hidden?

More importantly, with their cultivation, they couldn't escape from Bai Cangxing at all.

The face of the hall master kept changing, becoming more and more ugly.

He knew about the legend of the "corpse burying man", but the undead **** of war was cultivated in Bai Cangxing all the year round, and he hardly participated in the internal affairs of the undead blood race, the distribution of interests, and the battle of the ten divisions, so he thought that the undead **** of war was this generation. Guardian of the White Star.

He also thought that the undead God of War had let the Ice Emperor take a back seat to arrange for him to be the next generation guardian of Bai Cangxing.

Now it seems that I was wrong.

The lord of his own dignified undead temple, the most powerful figure in the undead blood race, didn't even know such secrets.

And the Bloody God of War is just a junior, it seems that he has long known the existence of the burial!


Although there was resentment in his heart, he never dared to break out at this moment. After some consideration, he saluted the old man with his fists and said, "Senior, Xia Huangchao and I are personal enemies..."

Without waiting for him to explain, the Ice King said, "Since it's a personal hatred, why did you bring outsiders to Bai Cangxing?"

With immortality in his body, the Ice Emperor's injuries recovered very quickly, and he had reached his peak state, with strong blood in his body.

The black old man narrowed his eyes, stared at the palace master, and said, "You know, why does the old man despise you?

You are clearly ambitious and sparse, but you focus on conspiracy.

As the lord of the Immortal Temple, he has no pride. "

"The previous generation of palace masters chose you because of their blindness.

With so many resources of the Temple of Immortality slammed on you, you can't achieve immortality and immeasurability, and be surpassed by the younger generation of the Immortal God of War, who is much younger than you. "

"To be honest, the old man even likes Luo Shen a little more than you, even if he is now the king of the organization."

The black old man's eyes were full of disdain, and then he looked back at the human head dharma in the sky.

Luoshen is the name of the **** Fulu.

Fulu Shenzun has half the blood of the Rakshasa family and half the blood of the undead blood.

However, the blood of the royal family is very thin and belongs to the distant branch and is not qualified to inherit the throne.

Being scolded like this in public can be said to be disgraceful, and the temple master's heart is burning with anger.

"Thank you Master Qi for your praise."

After the human head dharma-imager said this, he added: "Master Qi has been trapped in Bai Cangxing, living in a shroud, how boring, how torturous, the students plan to send Master Qi to sleep today."

The black old man made a tut tut and said with a smile: "It's rare that you can call this old master Qi Shi, you are a good student.

However, the old man has not lived enough for the time being, and does not want to sleep peacefully. "

Human head Fa Xiangdao said: "Master Qi's blood qi is seriously declining, and the undead blood is the most important blood qi, and more importantly, Master Qi majors in martial arts, and his mental strength is weak. "

"However, one day is a teacher for a lifetime, and the students really don't want to see the tragic ending of Master Qi's corpse, and then ask Master Qi to hand over the White Cangxing, take off the shroud, and sleep in the ground.

The students must build a shrine for Master Qi on Bai Cangxing, and no one will touch Master Qi's body. "

Zhang Ruochen could hear the sound beyond the strings. Emperor Kui Liang was here for the corpse of Bai Cangxing, the **** of the undead blood race since ancient times?

The old man said: "In addition to the ancestors of Qingtian, how many remnants of the ancient powerhouses of the undead blood have come to this era?"

The face of the human head did not hide it, and said: "There must be dozens of them. It is all my help that they can come and succeed."

Everyone present was shocked.

However, it was only the remnant of the soul that came, and the body of the **** was still buried in Bai Cangxing, unable to complete the capture.

The face of the human head turned around again, saying: "These dozens of undead blood clan remnants of the ancient powerhouses are too far behind the Qingtian ancestors, even if they complete the capture, it will be difficult to become a climate.

Therefore, I refined their souls and recovered the injuries suffered ten thousand years ago. "

Ten thousand years ago, Emperor Kui Liang was severely injured by Haotian, and even his spiritual power and soul mist were taken away in large quantities.

Xuetu was stunned, then grinned and said to himself: "Why do these ancient powerhouses leave remnants of their souls, they were once brilliant and invincible, and their names have been passed down through the ages, but they are not as good as pigs and dogs in this era, like a strain of gods. Medicine, become food and servants of the strong."

Qingyunque and the knights of the heavens all stared at Xuetu with anger.

Xuetu was frightened by their eyes, shuddered, and hurriedly moved closer to Afuya to seek shelter.

But he found out that Afuya looked at him very badly.

Xuetu thought of this person's origin, and quickly smiled: "The first queen is different from them, my senior brother is very caring for his woman, what's more, you still have senior brother's flesh and blood, different, completely different..."

A Fuya was also shocked by the behavior of the Queer Emperor. The soul of a person like herself is indeed of great benefit to the practitioners of the world, not just as simple as healing.

Most of these people have a deep and unique understanding of cultivation, which can allow the practitioners of the world to peep into the mystery of a higher realm.

Especially the remnants of the ancestors.

Even the Heavenly Venerate level, or even the half-ancestor, would be very interested in the remnant soul of the first ancestor.

This is the most direct way for them to peek at the Ancestral Road in advance!

Will Zhang Ruochen also use the earth tripod to refine her one day to heal her wounds, or to break through the realm?

In an extreme situation, Zhang Ruochen might not be able to do this.

After all, she and Zhang Ruochen are just an exchange of interests.

Of course, she knew what kind of person Zhang Ruochen was. If it was like what Xuetu said, she could really sit back and relax and don't have to worry about it anymore.


She is the ancestor!

Since time immemorial, it has never been heard of a patriarch devoting himself to a man.

Seeing Afuya retracting his gaze, Xuetu thought that this sister-in-law must think he was right, and his heart suddenly became more courageous, staring at the knights of the heavens, and said, "What are you staring at me for?

Didn't I treat you as food?

Do you believe it or not, when King Quebec is injured again today, he will use you to heal his wounds? "

Those knights in the heavens are more suffocating, and their killing power is soaring to the sky, but no one refutes it.

The old man pondered for a moment, and said, "I heard that you have practiced the method of chasing corpses and fighting souls, so the real purpose of your coming to Bai Cangxing is actually to use up the corpses of ancestors and refine them. A corpse army?"

Rentou Faxiang said: "That's right! If I can forge a corpse army of undead blood, I can have the strength to fight against the Heavenly Venerate.

Please complete the teacher! "

After the old man sneered, he said: "Zhang Ruochen, let's do it! Let the first queen also contribute some efforts to clean up the door today and shove the heresy."

The shroud on the black old man's body escaped with mysterious and pure blood energy. Immediately, the rules of heaven and earth of Bai Cangxing emerged, and then the Great Qi Ancestor Talisman Formation in the sky was triggered.

Dense ancestral talismans shrouded the stars and covered the sea of ​​blood-colored clouds.


The dharma image of the human head in the sky collapsed in an instant.

However, after the collapse, a magic lamp emerged there.

The dark green brilliance emanating from the magic lamp dispels the blood mist, shakes the runes, and re-tears the gap in the Daqi Ancestral Rune Formation.

"Life and extinguish the lamp! It seems that behind you is the ancestor of life. No wonder you can cultivate your spiritual power to this point! The problem of the temple of destiny is really not a big one."

The black old man said.

It is rumored that the ancestors of life have a supreme spirit and want to refine twelve magic lamps, which will be integrated into the power of the twelve aspects of fate, so that the light of fate will illuminate the entire universe, so as to master the birth, old age, sickness and death of all things in the universe, good fortune and good fortune. , past and future.

This is to replace the nine tripods with twelve magic lamps and challenge the historical status of the nine great ancestors by themselves.

However, he spent his entire life only refining three and a half magic lamps.

The three lights are the Soul Eater Lamp, the Life and Death Lamp, and the Original Lamp.

The other one, only half refined, has not yet reached the level of an He will die next page! Current 1 page/Total 2 pages

Go to bed, die forever.

Of course, the magic lamp he refined was no match for Jiuding.

But even so, no one dared to say that he was stronger than him since ancient times.

Because, in addition to the magic lamp, he also has several artifacts handed down.

Affected by the lights of life and extinction, many places on Bai Cangxing were deserted, forests of longevity blood split open, mountains collapsed... and strong corpse energy and blood energy gushed out from the ground in these places.

One after another, the corpse climbed up from the ground.

"Go back to me!"

The old black man shouted and stepped on the ground.

Immediately, the sand and soil were refilled, suppressing the corpses from all over the place.

"Burying corpses, that is, burying the dead gods of the undead blood race, and also burying the enemies who commit crimes."

The black old man directly faced the light of life and extinction, rushed up, covered the light with the shroud corpse aura on his body, and then mobilized the Great Qi Ancestor Fushen Formation to attack the Quebec Emperor standing outside the White Cang Star. .

Zhang Ruochen and Shang Tian fought again, but this time, Shang Tian did not fight Zhang Ruochen recklessly, but flew to the Ice Emperor.

After taking control of the formation, Zhang Ruochen's combat power was indeed greatly increased, but his speed was dragged down by the formation, and he was unable to intercept Shang Tian quickly.


A divine arrow, wrapped by the divine radiance, broke through the air and shot towards Shang Tian.

For 10,000 years, Afuya's cultivation base has entered the realm rapidly. This body has reached the limitless level of the universe, and has reached the peak of infinite freedom. It will no longer be a drag on the ancestor's remnant soul, and its combat power is naturally far better than before.

Faced with the arrow she shot with the divine bow, even Shang Tian had to be cautious, so he had to temporarily give up dealing with the Ice Emperor, split out the Demon God Stone Pillar, and hit the divine arrow.

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