Buy the Land And Cultivate in Different World

66 Mermaid prisoner, third man.

My name is Gala Rufa.

They say one of the Frenzy Six Witches, etc.

I don't mean it.

It's super unintentional.

How I am a big and harmless person compared to the rest of us. You can be seen like a bad guy to me because the others make careless noises.

I'm just a magician.

He's just an ordinary talent who was having a slightly unusual theory.

Illness is caused by small creatures, depending on the case.

It's caused by a very, very small creature.

It's a theory that...

People at the Mermaid Medical Association just laughed with their noses at me claiming that.

I'm not a big mermaid, but my theory is correct.

If I had repeatedly claimed that, for some reason, I would have been arrested, imprisoned, held up in a judicial transaction, and, accordingly, a statement escorted with people in the same situation, I am here and now.

Where is this place?


I don't know anything else.

There was just someone hard to believe on that land.

The princess of our mermaid country. It's Lady Prati.

"Dear Prati, Ahhhhhhhhhh!?"

Mr. Lampeye is annoying.

I kneel at Lady Prati's feet with a scream that could be called a scream.

"Dear Prati!! Long time no see!! That means you will be here!! Doesn't that mean you can serve you again!? If so, please bless this lamp-eye bliss!!"

"The royal covan shark is playing the lead......!?"

Mr Puffer said in a grumpy manner.

It's a charm for a royalty like Mr. Lampuai, whose previous position was the Royal Palace Kingsguard, and Mr. Paffa's reaction was like supporting his reputation for institutional dislike.

... Is that me?

I'm just discreet and quiet......

"Well done for coming, Paffa, Lampeye, and Gala Ruffa."


The princess gave us our name!?

"What are you surprised about? You guys are not celebrities. I can't believe half of the six witches - Frozen Witches, Hellfire Witches, Plague Witches - are gathered here."

If that's what you're talking about...!

"Crown Witch" reigns at the apex of the Frenzy Six Witches.

Isn't that Princess Prati?

The most heinous being acquiesced because of his position as a royalty while developing banned drugs and making major incidents far worse than the other witches.

You're doing more horrible things than we are, but you don't get arrested like us!?

Just because such a person is on earth, I have a feeling about the murder that rocks heaven and earth...!?

"I didn't ask my stupid brother to bring you in for duty. I need you to help me with my work."

What is a job!?

Humanity annihilation plan or something like that!?

"'Crown Witch' doesn't work on such a despicable land...? Are you planning a human annihilation plan?

Mr. Puffer!!

Even if you think about it, you don't say it in a detour!!

"This lamp eye is with the royal family until your life runs out. Happy to help Lord Prati with his plan to annihilate humanity!!"

Mr. Lampeye doesn't easily endorse it either!!

No! The Six Witches are a bunch of nasty people after all!!

"We're not going to wipe out humans. Such a pain in the ass."

If it wasn't a pain in the ass, would you!?

No! The Six Witches are a bunch of nasty people after all!!

"I'll show you to Atashi's office. You'd really know what we're going to help ourselves with, you know?

With that said, Lady Prati walked back into the big building where she came out.

... The workplace must mean here.

"I don't know what else to do, come in"

"Wherever Prati is, even in the fire, on land!

Both Mr. Puffer and Mr. Lampeye are too clean!

Oh, wait!

As long as I'm left alone in this place, I'll be in a tiger hole too!!

The building was full of strange smells.

Quite an intense odor, but not surprising and offensive.

I even feel nostalgic for some reason.

"Here, they make processed foods and seasonings."


"It's a drug that tastes like food. In that sense, could salt be called a seasoning, too?


Taste food? Artificially?

What a novel idea. Is that something like "Crown Witch"?

"That's what I need you guys to do. The volume of orders has grown recently, and I can't cover it with my own hands."

"Six witches making food for all four, right? What a pity, huh?

Mr. Puffer seems dissatisfied.

"If you think so, try licking this. One of the products here is called soy sauce."

hey what is this black liquid...!?

It doesn't look good for you to see, but it's not poison, is it?

Anyway, the three of us received a small plate from Lady Prati and tried to lick it just one.


"What is this!? It's so delicious!? It's basically salty and spicy, but how many complex flavors are there in it and it's deep!?"

"I didn't know you would create such a strange drug......! That's Lady Prati!!"

It's fair because Mr. Paffa and Mr. Lampeye, who rarely praise others, say to let go so far.

I, too, take my hat off for the taste of this black liquid.

It's too delicious and it's going to leak my pee!!

"It's not exactly Atashi's idea. Someone came up with an idea, and Atashi made me recreate it with pharmacological magic."

Do you mean someone will give the idea to Lady Prati?!?

Who the hell are you!?

"I need you guys to help me make this... Gala Rufa, I expect nothing less from you."


Why are you naming me?

"I called for a paper you presented at the Mermaid Medical Society. In this world, invisible creatures that are also different from spirits. There's a very small organism that you can't even see, and that's what's causing the majority of the illnesses...!

The princess gave my thesis!?

Horrible or glad!!

"When my husband taught me how to make fermented foods, I first remembered your theory. Perhaps you are the most candid person to understand what your husband calls bacteria and fermentation. Nice to meet you again."

Wait a minute!

Wait a minute!?

Does that mean this land is full of stuff that makes my theory prove right!?

What's a psychin!?

What's a hacko?

I'm not sure what that means, but I have a very nice feeling it sounds awesome!!

This Shoyu! Says Shoyu has my 'little creature' mixed up too!?

Excellent! I accidentally drink shoyu!!

"Ghaaaaaa!? No! Soy sauce has a salt concentration of a dead level when consumed in bulk. Ahhhhhhh!?"

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